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let horses guide you to


more deeply


About Me

Hi, I'm Louise.


I provide space and opportunity for people to reconnect with themselves, nature and the world around them by meeting with equines, particularly Exmoor Ponies.They offer us a reflection, and a doorway into a more emotionally congruent version of ourselves, helping us to understand ourselves more fully and deeply.

It is also my hope that by experiencing first hand the complex and intelligent communication of just one species other than our own, we may begin to appreciate and value the other life forms we share our precious planet with.

I qualified in Equine Facilitated Human Development in 2018 after about a decade training in natural horsemanship.

Living and working across the stunning landscapes of the North Devon Biosphere Reserve and Exmoor National Park, I hope you'll join me...

What I Offer


Meeting With the Wild

Meet with a wild place where herds roam free.

Individual experience

Duration: 2hrs

Price: individual £90

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Equine Facilitated Personal Development

Private one-to-one sessions,

singular or block of three

Duration: 2hrs

Price: £90 

(free 30min introductory phone call)

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Exmoor Pony Experience

Guided walk to explore Exmoor Ponies in their natural environment

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Price: £20/adult, under 16s free

Saturdays & Sundays 10:00 and 14:00

What Others Say


"I had my first session with Equine Echoes yesterday and it absolutely blew me away. Louise is a gentle facilitator who holds the space beautifully and I felt totally safe with the ponies at all times. Highly recommended for those curious about the healing abilities of our equine friends." (JT, Lynton)

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