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Terms & Conditions

Anyone booking an experience with Equine Echoes does so on the understanding that:


  • They will at all times respect the ponies we are observing or inviting to work with us. Whether moorland or field, we enter the ponies' home and do so on their terms.

  • They agree to listen to and act on my instructions at all times. Sometimes behaviour that seems very normal to us can be alarming or seem threatening to free-living ponies. Consequently some of my instructions may seem surprising. I am extremely happy to explain the rationale behind my instructions and our understanding of how ponies perceive the world (this is in large part the aim of these experiences), but acting on my instruction is non-negotiable. 


I reserve the right to end an experience early without reimbursement if I feel either the ponies or people involved are being disrespected, or if my instructions are not being acted upon, putting ponies or people at risk.


  • Any pony can behave unpredictably and although Equine Echoes' experiences take every precaution to keep people and ponies safe, participants accept that they take part entirely at their own risk.

  • I will scout beforehand to give as much chance as possible of finding a herd but, as with any experience involving free-living creatures, there can be no guarantee of finding Exmoor Ponies during your experience. No refund will be given if this is the case.

  • It is written into my license with land owners and herd owners, and part of my own code of conduct, that free-living Exmoor Pony experiences will aim to observe ponies as part of the wider landscape and will avoid approaching ponies closely. At no time will Exmoor Ponies be fed or lured to engage with people.


  • North Devon and Exmoor can be wet at times. Rain will not result in a cancellation or postponement of an experience. However, if dangerous weather is forecast (high winds, lightning storms, torrential rain, snow and ice) then experiences will look to be postponed to a future date. If this isn't possible then a refund will be arranged.


  • These Exmoor Pony experiences have taken many years to form. My training in Natural Horsemanship (some call 'horsewhispering') began over ten years ago, I am trained to degree-level in the Ofqual-certificated Equine Facilitated Human Development and have worked at the Exmoor Pony Centre since early 2019 before which I was Heritage Officer with Exmoor National Park. The experiences I offer will hopefully leave people with a greater understanding of these characterful and hardy creatures, but do not in any way intend to encourage or qualify people to approach free-living ponies on their own.

  • I reserve the right to cancel or postpone any experience without explanation and will seek to rearrange in the first instance otherwise a full refund will be given.

  • Equine Echoes donates 5% of the income from its experiences to one of 3 charities: CareMoor for Exmoor, Moorland Mousie Trust/the Exmoor Pony Centre and North Devon Biosphere. On booking, you will be asked to choose where you would prefer your donation to go.

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