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Equine Facilitated Personal Development

Individual life coaching.


Available as a single session, or as a block of three, these  blend a range of proven techniques chosen specifically for you to:

  • explore a particular issue in your life

  • discover and realign with your authentic self and life purpose

  • understand your emotions with greater clarity

  • find answers where other, talk-based therapies, may have failed

Equine Facilitated Therapy applies successful tools and activities developed over 25 years, tapping into the emotional connection between horses and humans. Particularly beneficial for those experiencing post traumatic stress, anxiety or depression, but not exclusively - it can enlighten anyone open to it. 

Feeling unhappy but not sure why? Everything around you looks OK but you're just not feeling it? Focused time with the ponies could help unlock things for you.

Location: The Exmoor Pony Centre, Ashwick, Dulverton

Duration: 2hrs

Price: £9

Please get in touch for a free 30 min introductory chat

Times arranged to suit

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