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Meeting With the Wild

Meet with a wild place where semi-feral herds roam free.

Tailored uniquely to you, I will guide you through activities and practices aimed at connecting you with nature, earth, and yourself as animal. Guided in your meeting with a herd of Exmoor Ponies, you will be presented with opportunity to open to your innate wisdom, and draw knowledge from a deeper connection to the ponies, to the world around you, and ultimately to yourself.

Some have described this experience as "like magic".

Accessing deeper wisdom in this way is something our souls and psyche thirst for - tapping into a nurturing life force. In our western culture we have largely forgotten its art, but some are remembering.

Perfect for that unusual gift!

Locations: Various beautiful National Trust and Exmoor National Park locations across North Devon, depending on your aspirations.

Duration: 2hrs

Price: £90 (adults only) 

Please get in touch to create your own beautiful experience 

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