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CG, Lynton

My experience of equine therapy with Louise and her horses was precious and profound. Working together they gently showed me insights which have made a huge and positive difference to me on my life journey. Thank you. (CG, Lynton)

JT, Lynton

My interaction with the horses was something I have never experienced before. I shifted from a place of fear to a place of inquisitiveness and genuine connection. Louise was clear in her communication and her introduction session was calming, informative and allowed me to access a deeper part of communication, totally from the heart and non verbal. A very inspiring woman, I look forward to my next session! (JT, Lynton)

AF, Parracombe

I find this work to be a beautiful and profound way to receive guidance and healing. It is also teaching me a little about gentle communication with horses and how to listen to what they would like to receive from me. Louise has a warming personality and a deep understanding of her horses. She facilitates this work with sensitivity and patience. I feel nurtured and nourished whenever I spend time working Louise and her horses and I would thoroughly recommend them. (AF, Parracombe)

JT, Lynton

I had my first session with Equine Echoes yesterday and it absolutely blew me away. Louise is a gentle facilitator who holds the space beautifully and I felt totally safe with the ponies at all times. Highly recommended for those curious about the healing abilities of our equine friends. (JT, Lynton)

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